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KC hit the big five last week….I feel like he was just born yesterday. I remember the night before he was born, I was wearing a red turtleneck and maternity jeans and looked like I had four basketballs under my shirt. MeePaw (that is my Dad and stepmom’s couple name) came up for the planned c-section and took us to dinner at El Charritos. Yum. HB was almost five at the time and she was excited. I remember she spent the night with MeePaw, and I sent her red ribbons for her hair, a big sister tee, and blue jeans. What I remember most though is how scared I was when everything went wrong in the operating room. KC was stuck and there were no foreceps in the OR. My OB was yelling, everyone got very panicked and I was so scared. When KC was born he could have been an extra for the Blue Man group. We watched him be transported to the table, blue, not crying and saw them resuscitate him. I thought my heart would never beat again…..and then he cried. Court looked at me and I knew it was going to be okay. What a sweet munchkin he was, bright orange hair (which was my fear-but on him it worked) and bright blue eyes. Deciding to have a second child was a big decision for us but one that I would not change for anything. In 5 years KC has taught me a lot;

1. Underwear is optional.

2. A stuffed animal larger than a baseball is not flushable.

3. Chips may not be part of a balanced breakfast…but they are yummy at 8am.

4. HB has the capacity for murder.

5. “Fire in the hole’ can be an appropriate exclamation in a wide variety of circumstances.

6. You can be a tough guy and still love Webkinz…as long as you give them kick butt names..Resistem, Motor, Gile, and Slowsky are just a few of his band of stuffed bad asses.

7. Little boy hugs are immensely different than little girl hugs.

8. It is possible to cheat at Chutes and Ladders….and then look your mother in the eye.

9. The robot dance is hilarious when coupled with Mr. Roboto and a little boy saying…”Domo, roboto, domo.”

10. It is never too early to appreciate hot girls. Someone gave me a Maxim subscription as a joke and I keep finding it in KC’s room.

I could go on for days. I just wanted to say that my little guy is my heart and he makes me smile every day. He also makes me swear every day but that is part of him charm.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 @ 09:02 AM