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I was very excited to photograph Little N today! I was fortunate to photograph his beautiful Mama when she was carrying him and was really looking forward to seeing how cute he was. He did not disappoint me! He has a ton of hair and was Mr. Wide Awake today. We still managed to get some great shots. I chose the image below because even though I would normally scrap one with a hand in it-I just loved how his Mama was stroking his head and I decided technically wrong or not-I wanted to use this one as the blog image.

Enjoy your sneak peek!


Sunday, April 26, 2009 @ 10:04 PM

This cutie was named after one of my favorite music artists of all time…..and he has the coolness factor to pull off the name. Talk about a happy little guy. He made my job too easy today. The slideshow music is not by that artist, but I am listening to his music on my iPod right now.

Enjoy your sneak peek!


Saturday, April 25, 2009 @ 06:04 PM

I love babies. Babies rock. Little J came to the studio yesterday with his parents and was amazing. He held out for over an hour without any tears and he was wide awake the whole time. I adore his beautiful eyes and his expressions were priceless. He did not find me even mildly amusing. LOL I can already see that he is going to be funny, he had an expression that said he has a million jokes that he will deliver deadpan…just give him a few years.

Enjoy your sneak peek!


Monday, April 20, 2009 @ 12:04 PM

I LOVE it when the mom rocks the wardrobe for a session…not only was little Miss A absolutely adorable but her clothes were amazing. A tutu, princess tee, chucks, and Matilda Jane….all my favorites! We hit Main Street in Flushing and ventured outdoors. Special thanks to the Elbow Room (located at 131 East Main) for letting us shoot in there.


Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 09:04 AM

My daughter, Hannah known alias’ Hannah Banana, Hannie B, and HB, is my muse. A muse is defined by Websters a source of inspiration ; especially : a guiding genius. This is definitely the right word for what she is to me. She is the first one I think of to shoot, I would rather look at portraits of her than anyone else. She is amazing; highly intelligient, funny and beautiful….a triple threat. I didn’t post anything about her recent birthday and I have been thinking about sharing some things I love about her….

1. Her talent for physical comedy-she can make anyone laugh just by arching her eyebrow. Her imitations of me and her dad almost gave her grandmother a heart attack.

2. Her brain…this could really cover a lot but I wanted to specifically tell you about her intelligience. This is a kid who never needs help with homework, who conquers each grade with minimal effort.

3. Her face…everything beautiful about her father is in her face. She pretends to hate hearing she is a mini-Court but I think she secretly likes it.

4. The way she sings along with the radio, full volume and with emotion.

5. Her love for her brother. She may plot his destruction 95% of the time but when he was recently hurt, she went into full on sister love/protection mode.

6. Her sense of style. She loves the ’80s, neon colors, fingerless gloves, vests, hats, smiley face earrings. She refuses to admit that she loves the ’80s but the proof is in the leggings.

7. Her absolute refusal to admit that I discovered Twilight first. I so did. She may never admit but I know she knows.

8. Her affection. Even though she is getting too old (in her mind) to cuddle, she still sits on my lap or snuggles me on the couch. She never gets embarassed to hold my hand in public.

9. Her meltdowns. I know that everyone dreads the teen years but the tween years are funny as heck. Who knew a “I hate you all!” and door slam could be so hilarious.

10. Her absolute loyalty. She will tackle anyone who messes with her family. She is like a 68 pound butt kicking blonde ninja.

11. Her willingess to try new things. Most recently softball, basketball and volleyball. Goodness knows she did not come from an athletic people. No matter. She rocked the basketball court and is killing volleyball, too. She rocks.

There are 1 million plus things I love about HB, I could never name them all. I will just hold them in my heart.


Saturday, April 18, 2009 @ 10:04 PM